What Game Should We Play Tonight?

By TA418,

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Something New?


Greetings everyone! So I wanted to try and do something new on stream.  Every Friday, I’m going to let you guys pick the game! Based on a poll that I post here every week that will be active until the stream starts!



So if you’re wondering why I’m doing this, It’s because I want to get you guys more involved. I want you guys to be able to help shape the content that is this channel. I think by doing this it will allow me to find new ways to connect with you guys! I’m not 100% sure how the site will fit into that but I think if I actually apply myself it should allow for more interactions!

Anyways, You guys are probably wanting to vote on the game right?




I’ll announce on stream what game we’re playing once the stream has started!


Have fun! And we’ll see you guys tonight!


  Comments: 5

  1. toontown my dude

  2. Fortnite!

  3. Fortnite plz!!!!!!!

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