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Ok all, so I decided to take some time to turn this front page into a news section about me and what’s going on in regards to my content creation. First I want to start by saying that you guys are AWESOME! Over the last few weeks I have achieved 60 Subscribers on YouTube and have reached 87 Followers on Twitch, which is so cool! I am so happy to see that you guys have helped me grow to this point. Now I know that most of you would think that this isn’t such a large number when compared to some bigger YouTubers and streamers that have hit millions or ten’s of millions. But to me, I am still starting out and It’s so cool to see where things have grown over the last year and a half on YouTube¬†and almost 2 years on Twitch (2 years… already???). So, again, a huge thank you to those of you that have stuck with me for this time and have continued to support me! Now I do have some people that I would like to thank that have really been there for me over this time. This list is of people who may or may not be as involved with me but have for sure left their mark on this channel.


Jabous. Who could forget him. He has been with me since the beginning of YouTube. He was the one who pushed me to get going on YouTube instead of standing around just streaming all the time (which isn’t bad mind you). Huge thanks for this guy!

DSC Gluttony. DSC, He is sarcastic and funny. He may not be creating content any more but he is still a friend and I still talk to him. I hope one day he decided to make a return, but for now I am very thankful for his friendship!

Javiss. Where do I start. From his very deep and masculine voice, to his quick wfit and perfect timing he is so much fun to create content with. He is still a huge part of this channel and even though he hasn’t been around to create content lately (school is tough yo) he is an amazing guy!

AnnihilatorOfPie. This pie killing, freaky moderator has been with me since the start of Twitch. He was the first moderator I had and has been a HUGE help over the last year and a half. He has been keeping all the trolls out of chat and keeping the streams fun for everyone! I can’t thank him enough!

Cold Front Games. This guy was only around for a short while during the summer. He is now back at the daily grind with school and other priorities but he is still a huge part of the team here. He helps keep the chat clean and family friendly while adding his own craziness to it!

BGYT. BGYT was a member of the Krazy Krap Crew. He decided to take a break from creating YouTube videos to focus on more important things like school. He is always welcome and if he ever makes a return you better believe you will see more of him!

FarrOut. Farr is a new member to the team who is currently attending school (the same school that Jabous, Javiss and myself either are or will be attending). He is a great guy and he is so much fun to hang out with outside of video creation.


Now for the news. As of today I am now posting my content on Twitch as well as on YouTube. This change was decided because I have a larger audience on Twitch and that means that some of those people will miss some of the content those of you who subscribe on YouTube see. I will also be posted exclusive content on Twitch that you wont see anywhere else so make sure to follow me at to see all the latest content.

Now a change like this can cause some concerns. The first being, will I be leaving YouTube behind. To be honest here, I am not sure what the future holds. As of right now I do not see myself stopping YouTube content creation. YouTube is still a huge platform and I have lots of potential to grow. If in the future Twitch tends to be a better option I might move all of my content permanently. Keep in mind that there will be a very early notice for you guys. It won’t be just one day poof. I’m no longer on YouTube. I will first make a video announcing the move with a 1 month of videos that will still hit YouTube before I cut it off.

Now with that you might be thinking that I have put a lot of thought into a move to Twitch. To be honest I have. The reason being there is a very real chance that Twitch will take off. I has been the larger platform for me since the beginning. Twitch always has had a faster growth rate and I feel it is the platform of the future. I don’t want to abandon YouTube just yet however. Keep in mind I will also be listening to what you guys have to say as well. If you think that YouTube is something that should stay the same then so be it. Keep in mind that over the next few months you may notice more of my time and attention turn to Twitch. I will not be getting rid of YouTube. But more work will be put into Twitch than YouTube because I fell like my growth has hit a stunt. I’m feeling like I won’t be able to grow past 100 subscribers on YouTube where as Twitch will hit and pass that very quickly. Plus there is a HUGE event coming in December that is going to be huge for my channel, more on that coming soon.

So with all that, thank you all for your support so far. I know that the future holds many questions for all of us. Probably more for you than me. But I promise I will never leave you guys in the dust. I will do everything I can to keep you informed on what is going on with my life and plans with YouTube and Twitch.


Don’t forget, Stay freaky!


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