Game Review: Overwatch


Over watch is a game that I have been watching the development of since the beginning. The first day there was any information about it on Blizzards website I fell in love with the game. I personally love playing team shooter games and Overwatch is no different.

Over the last 36 hours blizzard offered some of their loyal fans access to a closed beta weekend, and I was selected to play and test the game. I did get access once before to another closed beta even however I didn’t get to play much since that weekend they offered was very busy for me. However this time things were different. I was able to log a total of 5-8 hours over the weekend and I have to say I was very impressed.


Game Play

The game play of Overwatch is a tried and true model for games. It has worked for years and blizzard did the genre proud. The controls only needed slight tweaking to fit my tastes (as you all know I can have strange ones). The only key rebinding I needed to do was for the melee attack and for the crouch ability. I also had to increase the mouse sensitivity to once again fit how I prefer to play.

The character control was really well made. The major negative for me was all the walking when it came to getting around the maps. The maps themselves are not large at all compared to Blizzards other games, but I still wish that there was a temporary sprint ability for the first 20 seconds of the game for when you are trying to get to the objective that you are trying to defend. Keep in mind this in no way makes the game bad, this is simply a personal preference.



Overwatch has a really decent roster of 21 characters to choose from with different abilities for each one and personally they may not need to add any more! I feel like the selection is great the way it is but it does need some minor changes. For example several characters NEED to be nerfed in order to make a smooth launch. I’m saying this because as time went on I found myself against some very specific characters that were way over powered, the main one being Tracer.

Tracer is one of the main characters for this game, and she fits in very nice to any team that has her. Unfortunately her “Blink” ability is was to over powered. She can snap in and out with very little cool down making it very difficult to kill her even for tanks like Winston or Roadhog. In my opinion there should be a set amount of “Charges” (3-4) on her “Blink” ability then she needs to wait a certain period of time (5-10 seconds) before she gets a charge back. Similar to how if you have multiple charges of Powerslide for E.T.C. in Heros Of The Storm.

To round off the characters I fell like the Ultimate abilities that do damage to multiple players needs to be reduced. I don’t feel like most (3+ Players) or the entire team should be kill just because one play has his Ultimate. Its not a fair position to be on the receiving team of that ability. Usually it would end up losing that team the game if it happens more than once, and boy did it. On a normal match it would happen at least 4-5 times and if it was one team that got it more than the other 9 times out of 10 that team would end up winning the match.

On a positive note all the character are very fun to play and interact with and I can’t wait to get more time in this game (yes, I did pre-order it)!



Blizzard is known for their impressive graphics in their games, and I expected nothing less out of Overwatch. When you first log in you are greeted with a very well designed menu that looks and feels very clean and modern, and for a sci-fi game it fits right in! When you are in a match the graphics are fantastic! From little things like small details in the world, (like writing signs in the language of the country you are playing in) to massive explosions the game looks amazing. However if you aren’t on a computer with newer hardware you might have to settle for less than perfect graphics. Personally I was able to run the game on max settings while streaming at 720p60 to twitch at 3500 kb/s. I think that users with low end computers may have a hard time missing out on all the beauty of this game but they will still be able to play either on their computers with lower settings or on console thanks to the game hitting the Xbox One and PS4!



Over all Overwatch, for me at least, is the most anticipated game of 2016. It looks and feels great and has several hidden Easter eggs (that I wont spoil) that just complete the game! My two largest concerns is first that characters need to be nerfed before the release, and second that there may be cross play between console and PC. While this may not sound like a bad idea, PC gamers have a HUGE tactical advantage over those on Xbox or PS4.

In conclusion if you haven’t pre-ordered yet I suggest you do! For a game of this quality coming in at around $40 for the base version is not a bad price to pay for a game that will most likely be supported for at least another 10 years.

buy overwatch – $40

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